Conquer anger by love Conquer evil by good Conquer the stingy by giving Conquer the liar by truth

Every human being is the author of his own health or disease. Buddha

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.-Mahatma Gandhi.

I write today’s blog for a particular student who has such a strong sense of justice and truth within her character. So frequently students walk into class carrying with them the joys and heartache of the week, day and month. Sometimes I am fortunate enough to be permitted to share in their trials and tribulations.  When the threshold of five years within my tutelage has  passed each student becomes part of my ‘family’. When they cry…I do. When they hurt…I do. When they achieve I rejoice with them.  I know that my student is very bruised by a disciplinary action by one of her parents. I can only advise her to remember the better times with that parent. I ask her to recall the moments she stood back and loved that parent unconditionally. Sometimes we don’t realize that parents are people too and who knows what was lurking in the heart before the damaging outburst. Who knows what frustrations gave birth to this anger. I know that already regret has played a major part in how the parent now feels. We must try to believe in the innate goodness of the transgressing adult. Our parents have their own demons to conquer, their own fears. They have their own baggage inherited from childhood. They may have issues as a married couple….issues at work and issues concerning the changing scene in the country and the ever present threat of political upheaval that constantly besets this country.
The perfect scenario is fair and calm judgement in every disciplinary action. The perfect scenario is when a fault is corrected in such a way that it is an invitation to do better. There must of course be no shouting and harsh words. That is the perfect world. This though is the real world. Let it go and be at peace that you are assured that there is a greater hand in control. You will emerge victorious…and way stronger. Namasté