December is always a truly demented time in this part of the world.  As one gets older it becomes more and more stressful to do the things one has to do to make the months run smoothly to a routine of sorts.  This morning I was standing in a long cue in an old Banking firm which has moved to a new building.  The elderly were taken out of the cue and put in the ‘pensioners’ cue.  Nice touch…very nice.  I was not a candidate it seems for this privileage but that didn’t matter except when I noticed that people who were obviously not pensioners using this cue and teller.  That really got me totally miffed.  The Bank has on the floor a person who constantly intermingles with the public offering assistance, guiding and advising.  When she approached me  I told her that this was surely not right…this blatant use of the ‘pensioners’ cue just so that they can get ahead.  She must have sensed that I was very upset and another colleague came to her rescue (for I don’t think she had the expertise to deal with my mood).  I was moved to the’pensioners’ cue where a forty year old (not more than fifty) man in front of me took forever to do his banking.  The young man who came to assistance in the first place took me from the cue and let me go to a ‘bulk’ teller.
To this person I wish to express my sincere thanks for taking charge of a volatile situation in a bank experiencing a touch of chaos in the new premises. TO SIYA  I say thankyou…you have held your Bank high and you have been very kind and gracious today.