Take me to your breast and show me once again the places where you walked
with Saul and Jonathan.
Whisper in my ears while my eyes droop with sleep
make again the promises the ones you couldn’t keep.
Give to me the sword
the one you always felt I should have
Pledge me to your allegiance
wash away the sad.
Give to me a reason to validify the quest
show me that you love me
and lay this aching resentment, that throbs, to rest.
Hold my hand tightly and tell me that I am your beloved son
the one you love the best born of a noble woman easily won.
Place me next to your throne and armour and tell me that you care
defy all your councillors!
put first this wayward son – if you dare!
Did you think you could banish me
out of sight and out of mind?
Whose voice was it that counselled you rendering you a father most unkind?
What became of the princely garment
meant for the heir to the Davidic line?
You gave me no assurances
as longing floundered
my spirit an eagle against the wind tumbling a storm.
Was it for this conflict between father and son that I was born?

They were not gentle with the young man, (not even for your sake)
as they plunged their javelins within as blood flowed to form a sacrificial lake.
Your trusted confidant and general, Joab, a man of decision and greed,
chose to give the death blow with lightning speed.
Yet my death was not easy as I hung from a tree
and all the while I longed for you my father,
to once more embrace me as I slipped to the deep.
As the light changed to darkness
and I remembered with remorse
the conspiracies that were conspired, the changing of our course.
I need your hand upon me as I journey beyond,
and a kiss from a father
of whom this son was more than just fond.
Treason! David Treason!
(Oh! Absalom my son)
Treason! Father Treason!
(Oh! Absalom my son, my son!)

Absalom from the book The Eternal Flame written by Rhona Renz.