I would have wanted to continue where I left off in May of this year with my blog but what a mission to reconnect with the blog……I guess what is done is done and perhaps it is better to start new pages.
These past few months since May of this year have been uneventful to the extreme!!! No great achievements anywhere except perhaps through my one student who has been unbelievably rewarding. Her ability to impart techniques and disciplines that I give her is a balm to my frustrated soul.  But I must not allow myself to become too grateful or euphoric….she is only passing this way onto bigger things. I am only the one who points the way. And she will achieve bigger things.  My four little students who do drama and art as well as dance…they too are a great joy to my soul. But they have much growing still and one always has to move cautiously in the tuitive process…one should never overwhelm.
This week prior to the Dance exams I walk on eggshells…endure all, say nothing and be controlled to the extreme.
Extreme I believe is the key word…endless endurance and persuasion from my part as the teacher while little dancers throw their dolls out of the pram to coin a popular South  African phrase.


She is the one motivator who keeps me going, who evokes my conscience when I make decisions…she is my entire life and if it were possible and I know it is….she keeps me going every day. She understands my mood and my anxieties and she has the patience of an ancient Buddha…watching and waiting over me.