November has arrived and along with it an underlying pulsation that the year must be brought to an end. Endings and beginnings there will always be…it is the “how” that tugs restlessly at the  heart.  Once again the standard observations will be made that the year has…” Simply flown one can hardly believe it”  This loose statement is debatable!!!
When it is winter we wish for summer and visa versa. We are never quite happy. The onset of summer in Gauteng fills me with an apprehension that knows no bounds….the relentless heat, the budding then dying plants, the endless 4pm afternoon thunder storms. The hysterical need to wear as little clothing as possible and barefoot people.  Then it’s the constant onslaught of concerts….concerts of all kinds professional and amateur, school and kindergarten. Frantic teachers, organisers and parents. We are indeed a “one of a kind” society. From the middle of October its Christmas trees and bobbles, special offers and bundle deals one can’t, simply can’t walk away from.
This is the time new models of everything arrives…not in June or July….but now…new models of cars, cell phones, tablets. We are indeed victims of summer and the festive season.  It’s always a “special”

But this is also a time when so much conflict and sadness abounds.  This week saw the sadness of a pupil and her mother at the loss of their beloved dog….not death but stolen from them. I believe that this kind of reality is the very worst a dog loving person can endure. I listen and I am helpless to give words of comfort which won’t heal a thing or even bring back the beloved dog.  The anguish that they are going through is heartbreaking and chokes at the heart.  It speaks volumes of how merciless criminals are in this country when u can steal something so precious from people you don’t even know. To what purpose. I am in my capacity as teacher helpless to comfort the situation. In *****************where I live there is a resurgence of ‘pet theft’ since more than just this one for has disappeared from peoples properties. To my anguished student I can only offer all the support and understanding I can give….but it is really only the Holy Spirit who can bring the grieving family to a place of dreadful acceptance….tempered with a little bit of hope.
Yes…November has arrived and  the crazy countdown begins.  We walk  in caution on every level in life.