For years I have tried to figure what it is about a Friday that makes everyone so hysterical, out of sorts and unco-operative. There seems to be an underlying ‘beat’ that everyone suddenly hears and feels they have to pace themselves to.
I would like to share with my students the following quotations…..

Don’t worry about her feet, her extension, how many turns he does or her natural alignment. Work with what you have. Celebrate your gifts, while working your damn-est to overcome any shortcomings.

Take a correction to the 9th degree. Your teacher can always pull you back.

While your teacher should be respectful, she or he is not there to be your friend, but to make you a
better dancer.


Feats of nature, contortion-esque flexibility, oodles of pirouettes and sky-high jumps are dazzling. But remember that dance is communication. Dance is artistry. Keep in mind the power and potential of small and simple movement.

Thank-you to the senior student who brought these very true quotations to my attention. Yesterday was truly a freaky Friday for me without me having to do a thing it went out of control and I couldn’t rescue the day.
Corrections are never given for any other reason than to abide by a teaching principle and to render the student better than she imagines she can be. Of course how a correction is given is key….but more often than not when dealing with young children it is given in Truth and with care. The problem arises when the student is openly defiant and who will ‘test’ a situation.
I was so enthused about my Friday…but it ended with such emotional pain. To say that I am frazzled is an understatement….and the mind voice keeps asking for explanations. Total angst.