After the past week and a half I am almost released from an undertaking that required tremendous courage. I managed to put aside personal feelings and memories of the past and believe I have finally almost won the battle of my own conflicts with the situation. My mother was a great support to help me get through the days and my constant devotion to St.Michael helped to ease the suppressed resentment at having to try and follow through. Its almost over and I will be released!!! For a while at least….. The search for Truth has been the strongest quest within me. I have been fortunate that since an early age I was encouraged to read and search every document, book, article available to me. Both parents, QM and Beth did not forbid books written by the great scholars of the world. I was permitted to read Jewish texts just as much as I might have read Christian texts. I could read Hinduism as well as Islam…my parents did not close my mind as a young person and consequently as an adult I understood the value of freedom in the literary world.
Going through a period of consistent prayer -the Novena- as I am doing with another person has taken every ounce of courage. I undertook this Novena for all the right reasons. Time will show of what value it was.