There is no doubt that February brings with it the promise of many things…not in the least the hope for those who still recognise Valentines day. It is always good to have some hope even in the smallest measure!.  I find myself at this age possessing less of it than I have ever had before, but that does not make me oblivious to the reality that each passing day in SA is an achievement of a kind .  When I lock the doors at night and the house becomes still and begins to breathe with a quiet pace of its own I am grateful to my Creator for having survived the day.  I continue to pray to St Michael for protection and St Raphael for a healing.  I am still battling the moments of severe anxiety through the panic attacks.  Fortunately they never last long. The physical pain my body’s bones experience when the hours are too long or the creative flow is too intense bugs at times and the medication administered is not good for the system. I am always depro with the onslaught of too many ‘pain killers’.