It seems as though I have once again transgressed the borders of decorum….I am in Coventry!…social isolation. Freedom of speech or it what you will is a myth.  There are certain issues in Life…not even enough to count on one hand… that really gets to me.  Lured into a kind of euphoric comradery I made the mistake of expressing my opinions too vehemently. Punishment for this is enforced isolation in the field of cyber communication.  Now its a waiting game. I have served my purpose and have been of material value but when it comes to being an expressive person with opinions …then I must learn to know my place.
My opinions are steadfast…ultimately steadfast because they are birthed in experience which again is as a result of something that happened in the living of my life. I feel strongly about less than five issues and one of these is emigration. Everyone has the right to live where they need and want to. Everyone has the right to choose another country in which to live. Everyone has the right to walk away from their roots and leave behind beloved animals, aging parents, friends and family….emigration is a divine right.  It  has become an act of well contemplated strategy for a better and safer life.  For some it cannot be easy to leave ones country of origin and pledge allegiance to another…no it cannot always be easy.  What of the ones left behind?  …..what of them…. animal or human.

I will not change my stance on what I have expressed this past week. The void left by people who leave to seek better elsewhere cannot be measured, neither can their value as citizens (educated or not), neither can their place in the hearts of those who love them. They leave empty spaces that can never be filled…like a fallen forest of trees…and those left behind are left to carry on as best as they can fighting for survival, which would in higher number, have been perhaps easier and more successful. Those who exercised their right to leave were sanctioned by family and friends but the reality is that those left behind endure loss, heartache…a void…and the predator on the peripheral of this reality is unbridled fear.

So….in closing…those who know me personally know how I feel about a specific country which has almost absorbed half of the entire white population of my country….can that country boast any indigenous peoples anymore? There is a theory to the survival of indigenous people on islands and continents that begs further intense thought…. the answer does not belong here …..not now anyway. I will endure the social isolation with grace and fortitude until  the need of my person is once again required.