Today marks a very special day.  Today is the birthday of a beloved aunt (to me) and sister to my mother. We remember Rhona Rorick with love and respect.  She was a rare person and she died too soon.  My mother Elizabeth misses her desperately.  Aunt Rhona, for whom I was named, had an innate wisdom that could never be easily defined.  She just knew things and just when one thought one knew about her thoughts and directions….one realised one didn’t. An enigma at best.
We hope she is at peace and from wherever her spirit resides she is aware of our love for her. May she always know we have strived to build the bridges of communication stronger than before.  My mother, Elizabeth,is the last surviving member of the family her parents had.  Now as my mother approaches her 88th birthday she remembers and speaks of many things.  It is these memories that should live on in the younger generation….but diversity is a hindrance.
Today is also World Alzheimer’s day…..may all those locked in this anguished condition be treated with kindness and hope…hope that there will be a cure soon.