The Magnificat never really captured my attention.  I knew it was a verse of praise of Mary, mother of Christ and although one was often exposed to the prayer it never really touched my inner being.  Prayer and dialogue with the Creator has always been with me. Even though I strayed from my belief and went through a total loss of faith at 27years of age….I never forgot the dialogue to the Higher Source.  It used to be that I prayed fervently for safety, health and above all protection against the dark forces.  I strayed away from conventional practice’s relating to Catholiscm and sought other avenues.  I learnt a tremendous amount of truths.  There were days, weeks and months in which it felt as though I  was drifting in a desert which had a beginning but certainly no end. The Psalms brought me back…no one did for me what the Psalms did. 
During the past few years I have watched and seen many changes. I experience stress at a level I thought was never possible and always I prayed… help me endure.  But these days…..these days I pray for safety from relentless weather.  It is no exaggeration when I put down these thoughts and emotions that the weather is adversely affecting our lives.  Each day there is a threat of afternoon thunder showers, downpours and impossible wind. I  keep watching the. Sky and I listen for the birds.  If they become suddenly silent you know you are in for a humdinger.
My soul  glorifies  the  Lord,   my spirit  rejoices  in  God,  my  Saviour. He  looks  on  his  servant  in  her  lowliness;   henceforth  all  ages  will  call  me  blessed. The  Almighty  works  marvels  for  me.   Holy  his  name! His  mercy  is  from  age  to  age,   on  those  who  fear  him. He  puts  forth  his  arm  in  strength   and  scatters  the  proud-hearted. He  casts  the  mighty  from  their  thrones   and  raises  the  lowly. He  fills  the  starving  with  good  things,   sends  the  rich  away  empty. He  protects  Israel,  his  servant,   remembering  his  mercy, the  mercy  promised  to  our  fathers,   to  Abraham  and  his  sons  for  ever.                                                                                                                                                     Luke  1:  46-55
Of course I can never presume to be called blessed but the line  ‘The Almighy has done good  things for me…and Holy is His name ‘ is key to coping with reality. The endless Gauteng summer storms.  The fear of hail…the devastation it  can cause.  Each night the evening TV news carries depressing stories of devastation, loss of homes etc.  I silently pray to God for protection and above all Mercy.  I am so tired I no longer function as I should and each day remains a blessing when there hasn’t been the violent weather.  In the solitude of my heart I hear the opening lines of Mary’s Magnificat….and I remember the prayer.