What small glimmer of hope made me think that this was going  to be a different year?  This evening….night …for the hours move on as I write with a very heavy heart and an exhausted spirit.  Since last Tuesday we have been in ‘dire straits’.  First NooNoo with Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis.  It was a week of constant prayer and endurance for my little dog and for us here at home.  Since Tuesday she was ill.  This Tuesday sees Beth in ICU ….and the rain and emotional stress does not stop or even abate a while.  I have been praying for us….for it is only prayer now that can help this situation and Beth is in God’s merciful hands. I believe one should stop dividing time into years but rather divide the time into phases…phases for life and life’s challenges.
The rain is beginning to be destructive and not redemptive….and that is a sad reality.