As I type this blog I am trying desperately not to be tearful or emotional.  But try as I do the tears will not stop.  My mother, Beth, is fighting the final battle for her life. The damage to her heart is too great and she cannot recover from her stay in ICU. I have never felt so alone and isolated even though there are the same remarkable people who enquire and care and pray.  And still it rains…and the clouds cover every glimmer of sunlight …a little sunlight that will make this terrible heaviness of spirit abate…even for just a little while.
I am praying for this one small miracle that her Father in Heaven to whom she was always so devoted and whom she served in obedience all her life will be merciful towards her. For a healing and a little more time.  Her mind is in terrible anguish and she said to me that she believes she might have Alzheimer’s or the beginning of it.
The hours merge into long episodes of thought and contemplation, prayer and desperation.