It is the 13th March and a new week begins. My mom is fighting to regain herself with every ounce of emotional and physical strength she still has. Her spirituality has never lacked conviction and she continues to hold her Creator in the forefront of her efforts to try and live a few more years.  
There is an improvement in her physical state. The edema is more of a challenge than her heart at this point in time and we have a time table at changing the dressings to keep her legs dry.  She has been working again at those crosswords I so don’t like but I leave her for she believes it keeps her brain alert and sharp. On reflection she is probably right for I am at times a very silent companion and protector and verbal communication is so important in the elderly.  There are times I just cannot speak and discuss and observe as I should.  Our sincere and grateful thanks to those who constantly prayed with us and are always asking after her.
Autumn is a beautiful time of the year and ever since I can remember it is a time in which I need to isolate.  I often said to her and QM….I would rather work through the whole of the December vacation and associated insanity of the festive season….but when it comes to April I need to totally isolate. But that is not how the division of time works in our lives.  The end of March and whole of April brings a stillness into every day.   Its as though we no longer care about threatening deadlines.  I am desperate to find the courage to get to Krugersdorp as soon as possible.  There was a time I used to go every second day.  I will try this week.
Individuals come into our lives and either enrich it or teach us severe lessons in the depravity of human principle and nature. So it was with an unfortunate incident concerning the repairs to my Volkswagen. It has caused untold frustration and tension within my..our lives. These two mechanics are people who just dont care about others, ones time or ones life.
The tension associated with getting anything organised and arranged in this time frame is debilitating. I do believe that the stress of the car contributed to my moms illness. Things change from day to day and we have to adapt to it. We try bravely to do so but it takes its toll on one. A change in Dr. is a big thing for the elderly…one becomes so used to and comfortable with the usual people,places and things. Its an absolute assault on the psyche when one finds the old gone and in its place something different. It is hard to adapt to another’s treatment of one. We try to fathom out what condones such behavior and we cannot find an answer. I don’t like not being able to justify events that happen.


Perhaps I should contemplate this quotation