“In the middle of a forest, there was a hunter who was suddenly confronted by a huge, hungry bear. In his fear, all attempts to shoot the bear were unsuccessful. Finally, he turned and ran as fast as he could. The hunter ran and ran and ran, until he ended up at the edge of a very steep cliff. His hopes were dim. Seeing no way out of his predicament, and with the bear closing in rather quickly, the hunter got down on his knees, opened his arms, and exclaimed, “Dear God! Please give this bear some ‘religion!'” The sky darkened and there was lightning in the air. Just a few feet short of the hunter, the bear came to abrupt stop, and glanced around, somewhat confused. Suddenly, the bear looked up into the sky and said,
“Thank you, God, for the food I’m about to receive….””
This piece of spiritual humour  does not sit too well with me because in reality the poor man must have either fallen over or been attacked.  That is worrying. 
The winter season is well and truly with us now and this day of 13th May is totally wet and dismal.  But nothing is dismal if one has books and music and a secret.  Secrets are precious things and need to be nurtured.  They can also become burdens.  At the moment I have some secrets which are totally rewarding and I have a few which cause me severe stress. The stressful ones are not coming  to a closure but one lives in hope.  As I write this short blog I still wait for my Volkswagen and even after repeated queries I get no response.  But I am less concerned because when there is a need for finance the mechanic will surely contact me. May it happen soon.
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